DIY Kitchen Hacks that Will Give New Look to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where you prepare sumptuous meals for your family. It’s also a place where you dine with your family and share how your days went by. Most of us associate kitchen with a feeling of warmth and being at home.


Have you always wanted to makeover your kitchen and create a totally new look? Though renovation could cost a lot, there are a lot of hacks that you can dig your hands on. Try these amazing tips below and say hello to a totally new kitchen without having to break your savings account.

1. Spice Rack

Do you have a small kitchen that is always cluttered? Do you always fumbling around looking for salt, pepper and other spices?

Having a spice rack does not only transform your kitchen into a whole new level, but it also clears out space and organizes your stuff.

Spice rack is versatile and functional. You can even make your own out of wood and it would only take you at least 15 minutes to build it. Maximize every corner of your kitchen by adding spice racks in unexpected places, say on the back of your pantry door.

You can also use it as an added decoration. Line them up on your wall or you can use your creativity and transform baby food jars or test tubes into spice containers.

2. Decorative Pantry Shelves

Pantry is an important part of your kitchen as this is where you store your foods, kitchenware, etc. Having a clean and organized pantry will transform your kitchen from trashy to classy.

Another effective yet cost-efficient way of creating a new look for your kitchen is by having decorative pantry shelves.

Determine first your shelves and cabinets as the type of accessories that you will use will highly depend on these two factors. If you want to create your own pantry shelves, you can opt for shallow shelves, deep-set shelves on sliders and pullout racks and columns. You can make the shelves out of wood or wire and you can even choose to have them built in or stationary. To make your own pantry shelves you need top band-saw buying guide.

3. Make Use of Dead Space

Do you also have that awkward space in your kitchen?

Most kitchens have this familiar problem: dead space. They can either be an awkward space that becomes the catchall for keys, mail, purses or they can also be the unused portion of your kitchen.

Making use of every dead space will maximize your kitchen, especially if you have a small area. You can turn the dead space between your kitchen cabinet and ceiling in storage area. Put some baskets up there and store your things in them. You can even create a shelf to store your bottles, utensils and other stuffs. You can also use the space to store cookbooks or transform it into a wine store. You can also take advantage of this spot and incorporate a little art into your kitchen.

4. Creative Storage Ideas

Your kitchen could be a mess if you don’t know how to store your things. Using creative storage technique will not just tidy your place up, but it will also be easier for you to look for things when you need them.

There are tons of storage ideas that you can apply to your kitchen. For instance, if you want to maximize your space, adding cabinets above the window is a perfect idea. You can use this cabinet to store unused gadgets and utensils. Hanging mugs and cookware from hooks is also an excellent way of freeing your countertop for actual cooking.

Don’t know how to store small kitchen accessories properly? Use an old wooden champagne case and add a colorful gift wrapper to the back for a burst of color.

5. Gain a Counter Space

Though a massive kitchen sounds dreamy, not every one of us is blessed with a huge kitchen space. You don’t need to tear your house down and create a larger kitchen; you just have to make do with what you have.

Take a look at your kitchen for the possible areas where you can gain an extra counter space. For an instance, you can take advantage of your unused stovetop and cover it with custom-sized cutting boards as a prep zone.

Do you have more items to the store and want them to be out and visible at all times? Add another level of shelves on your backsplash and turn it into a storage area.

6. Hanging Storage

Don’t wait for your pots, dinnerware, pans, and spices take over your kitchen. Utilizing a hanging storage will keep them clean and organized. It can also serve as a decoration, especially if you have brightly colored pots and pans.

You can use a hanging shelf that is composed of open shelf and close shelf. You may store the items you want out of sight in a close shelf and display dinnerware, utensils and glasses on the open shelf.

7. Make Use of Pull-out Cutting Board

The pullout cutting board is a space-saving staple in your kitchen. Whenever you need to chop and cut your ingredients, you can just conveniently pull out the cutting board. It’s convenient and safe-efficient. You can also use it as an extension counter to knead your bread.

Creating your own pullout cutting board is easy. You can opt for wood as they are resistant to knife scarring and naturally antimicrobial. You can even have it customized with edging that will complement your countertop.

It’s time to give your kitchen the makeover that it deserves. Try these amazing tips and you will be amazed with an entirely new-looking kitchen without having to spend more money.