Elevate Your Spaces with Moulding

When homeowners want to add a little personality to their home, most head to the store to purchase a new piece of furniture or select a new paint color. That works, but why not opt for something that will also be a true investment in your home? Something that will increase the value of your home (think resale!) while giving your home a more upscale feel. Sounds great, right?

Moulding can easily take your Loudoun home from blah to ahhh!


What is Moulding?


Simply put, moulding is a piece of wood (or other material) used for finishing or decorative purposes. Moulding is available in a plethora of options. You can find some that are flat or curved, plain or ornate. The options truly are limitless making it a perfect addition to any style home. 


Moulding is most often used to trim or frame part of a room. Think doors, windows and even ceilings. It adds true architectural detail to a standard, mass produced home.  Just like the perfect accessory does to an outfit, moulding can make an ordinary home feel well crafted and upscale.


Moulding 101


There are so many different types and styles of moulding available. Before embarking on your project, take the time to research and explore them all to ensure your selection will help you achieve the desired result.  


Take the type of material into consideration as well. This is likely a budget driven decision.  Fiberboard and pine are budget friendly options. If you’re able to invest more into this project, check out mouldings made of hardwood, veneer or plaster. You will see each has its own distinct advantages and some may be more moisture resistant than others.


Moulding can be bought in a natural state, pre-primed or even pre-painted. This allows for even greater customization.


Moulding Styles


The great thing about moulding is it’s highly customizable. Depending on the overall look of your home, you can incorporate moulding any way you want. Let your personality shine. We could write a book on the many different styles and ways moulding can be incorporated into a home’s look. For now, we will simply share 3 of the more popular.


Crown Moulding

As the name implies, it is a wall crown! Crown Moulding decorates the transition from wall to ceiling as it is most traditionally placed at an angle to the corner around the perimeter of a room’s ceiling.  It is available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and styles from plain to ornate and can give any room that finished look.

Though there are very few rules one must follow when incorporating crown moulding into their decor, there is one basic rule of thumb to consider when selecting. We’re talking moulding width. It should be selected based on the height of the ceiling.

Chair Rail

This moulding type is most commonly found in the dining room as it serves a dual purpose. It not only adds elegance to a room, but also protects the walls from scuff marks a chair may leave on the walls.

Chair rail should be placed about one-third of the way up the wall. We often see the rail also serve as a delineation between two wall styles. You can use a different paint color on top than on the bottom or use wallpaper on one side of the moulding and paint on the other. Another option would be to paint the rail to give the room an interesting visual component.


Picture Frame (also known as Shadow Boxing)

This moulding is a great option on large walls that need a little texture.  As the name implies, moulding is placed on a wall just like a picture frame. Picture Framing works well in both traditional and transitional home styles. Contemporary homes may opt to install picture frame moulding in 2 story rooms, such as a foyer or family room, to give it a majestic feeling.

Picture frame moulding can create a subtle yet elegant look to any room.




There’s so much to consider when incorporating moulding into your home’s decor. Here are 4 tips we offer our clients.

1. Want to portray a classy look? Consider painting your moulding a white or an accent color.

2. Be Unique! Combine different moulding profiles and corner pieces for a one of a kind, personalized look. 

3. Conceal electrical wires behind baseboard moulding. Shhh, we won’t tell.


Why not elevate your home with moulding?!

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