Mundane Mantle? Make it Extraordinary!

Think of your mantle as a mini representation of your overall design-style! Sound daunting? In several easy to follow steps we can take your bland mantle or over-charged cutter-holder to a whole new level.

Ready to take that bland mantle of yours and make it pop? From a barren wasteland to a shelf that houses every project your child made from the time he or she was two, there are several ways to get a lovely balance that not only showcases your personal style but offers the viewer a beautiful buffet of visual goodness!


First Step.

Take a photo of your mantle the way it is right now.  With all of the trinkets and clutter removed, you have a fresh palette to see.  Take a look at the mantle itself.  Is it builder-grade and standard, or is it super rustic or very ornate? Is it plain-Jane white or a bold color? If you have mirrors or a picture to hang over the mantle, be sure the style of the frame surrounding the art or mirror replicates the style of the mantle. For example, if you have a modern mantle, then go for clean lines that are simple.  For the more decorative mantle, add in some gold-leafed frames and a treasured antique.

Shopping Time.

Before you set out purchase lots of new items to decorate your mantle, consider the following first. Look at the overall theme of your space. Take care to blend the theme of your room with the décor in a way so that it is not overpowering. For example, if you have a nautical theme, it is lovely to place a model of a boat and another reference of the sea such as a sailor’s knot. If you overdo it, then your mantle will look like the local fish shack and that is not what you want!

“Tie the theme of the room with the mantle, think of it as a mini representation of the overall space.” – Jill Perla


Consider adding a few cherished antique pieces if your space is filled with your grandparent heirlooms. Be sure that the scale of the pieces that are on the mantle do not compete with the surrounding décor.  If you wish to add in some personal photos, be sure to use ornate frames, as opposed to ultra-modern ones.

Next Consideration.

Is your white mantle not cutting it? Do you wish you had a marble mantle? Have a professional faux finisher paint over the mantle to make it look like marble or granite. This has been done many times and can be an inexpensive way to really feature your mantle!  Don’t be shy about painting your mantle a bold color!

More Color.

When done tastefully a freshly painted mantle will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.  If you do have a white mantle, and are shy about painting it, go with items that are all one color. For example, use a lot of black accents to create a lovely contrast.

Black and White mantleMantle Mirage.

Looking to get your overall space looking larger? Hang a mirror to create the illusion of a larger room. Be sure to use heavy large frames so that the mirror doesn’t appear small in scale.

Get Personal.

Sparingly add personal mementos that bring good feelings and memories to mind. Careful not to overdo it or it will become a zone of clpaper_20whitesutter!

A Touch of Nature.

Real plants and flowers are the way to go. Try to steer clear of the fake plants unless they are super realistic looking. You can use the plants and flowers to replicate the season. For example lovely paper whites are stunning in the winter season.

Enjoy your newly decorated mantle!




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