How To: Turn an Attic Into a Bedroom



An attic is often the easiest place to add onto your house. No foundations or setbacks to worry about. Everything is already in place you just have to transform an empty space into your vision.


Create an extra bedroom, a master suite, a media room, a play room or anything you can imagine for much less than the cost of an addition.

My own old house was blessed with an unfinished attic when we bought it, and I knew someday we would turn what was just a messy storage space into a livable room.

The moment came when we discovered we were expecting our 2nd child. I had nine months to figure out a plan, and I couldn’t break the bank doing it either.

While I’ve shared some bits and pieces of the project with you already I’m finally ready to reveal how to turn an attic into a bedroom with you today!

Make a Plan

Figuring out exactly what you want to do is so important before you start putting up walls and finishing out a space. Think about the layout, where the outlets and light switches will go, the size of your vanity, etc, etc.

The list goes on and on, but you need to know the sizes and locations of everything you want to include before you start so you can plan accordingly.With an attic bedroom you will likely be fighting for every inch of space you can get so coming up with some clever ideas to save room can make the room go from passable to incredible.

We wanted to include room for both of our boys and a half bath to save us from midnight potty trips down the steep stairs. We also knew we needed plenty of storage for the things that we “collect” over the years and never seem to get rid of.

So, in a small room how do you fit 2 beds and a bathroom and still have room to play and headroom for the adults? Here’s the what we came up with. I’ve also included a photo gallery of the whole project at the end.


Justin Dobson, Co-owner of Comfenergy


The Layout

We tucked 2 beds into the knee wall on one side to keep the room open. We framed out the openings and built huge drawers underneath the beds to utilize as much storage space as we could otherwise that was just lost space.

There was a chimney in the middle of the room as well as a vent stack that was going to be a real pain to move. We decided to incorporate the chimney into the bathroom wall (leaving the brick exposed on both sides of course!). Then for the vent stack we cleverly hid it inside a built in bookshelf that also created a little reading nook for the boys in their cushy chair.

We really struggled between doing a half or full bath and for expense and space we decided to go with the half bath. Installing a half bath is much simpler!

Keep in mind that adding a tub on a second story is not always feasible because of the huge additional weight it adds (especially when full of water) Always be careful that your house can support that extra weight, because most times it was never designed to.

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