5 MORE Secrets to Looking Amazing in Your Family Portraits!

The love a family shares is something every photographer takes pride in capturing.  You feel that love when you’re with your family, and you want those wonderful feelings captured in your portraits.  

Even though you want to capture your family’s authentic personality, it’s okay to worry about how you’re all going to look in your portraits!  You want to look amazing, and who wouldn’t?   We recently provided you with our Top 5 Secrets to Looking Amazing in Your Family Portraits (link this article), and we promised you 5 more secrets.  Here they are!  


1. Keep the kids happy, but don’t stress too much!

Don’t worry about telling your little ones to be still or do this or that.  We’ll take care of it; it’s our job as the photographer! In fact, we may even get them a little excited (don’t be mad at us!) and then settle them back down.  This keeps their expressions natural.  And remember, a little exuberance never hurt anybody!

 For our family portrait sessions, it’s perfectly okay to bring a clean, crumb-free snack or a favorite toy for the little ones in the family.  Although our portrait sessions aren’t super-long, it’s never a bad idea for everyone, including Mom and Dad, to come rested and fed.  Any professional photographer will tell you the same thing.  



2. Makeup?  It’s a good thing.

For Moms and teenage girls: A subtle application of makeup can really enhance your look, and will accent your facial features for the camera. We recommend you do a trial run at home before the portrait session, though, so you’re happy with your makeup choices.

If you’re wearing foundation, make certain it covers your face and neck.

If you’ve used a great makeup artist in the past, feel free to use them for your portrait session. But if you’re using one for the first time, it’s best to do a trial run with them prior to the day of your session. And if you want a makeup artist recommendation, we’d be happy to recommend one for you.   

Extra tip:  Don’t drink alcohol the night before your portrait session!  It can dehydrate your skin and make wrinkles look more prominent.



3. Nails should look fresh and clean.  

You may not think much about your nails when you’re thinking about portraits, but some of the most beautiful and poignant photographs of family include the holding of hands. A photograph of your little boy’s tiny hand clasping your feminine one, or of Dad’s big strong hand swallowing up your little girl’s hand, will call to your emotions and pull up the depth of love you feel for your children.

Have a manicure before your session. Clean, fresh nails are an asset and won’t be distracting. Neutral nail colors are best, but at least choose a color that won’t clash with the clothing you’ve chosen for your family to wear.  



4 You’ve chosen a family photographer?  Great!  Now trust them!  

We’ve been family photographers for years, and we’ve probably seen it all.  There’s no need to worry about your family portrait session or your children’s behavior!  If your child misbehaves, that’s okay. They’re kids; that’s what they do.

Spend time talking to your photographer, get to know them! If you have any questions or concerns before or during the session, talk to the photographer!  As photographers, we want you to feel 100% comfortable, relaxed and at your happiest in front of our cameras.  Your job is to look great, feel great and be yourselves. Maybe you’ll be a little more spruced up than usual, but we still want you to be yourselves!



5. Take Family Portraits Regularly

Family change and grow. Capture your legacy through a series of photos taken at the same time, or location throughout the years. Remember, these family portraits will be works of art on the walls of your home, art of those you cherish and love the most. They’ll become treasured family heirlooms, passed down in your family for generations. One day, your children’s children will share them with their children and say “Those are your great grandparents!” How valuable will it be to leave a tangible legacy to be cherished by future generations?  



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